Beardyman digest

Tuesday, 6 October 2009  at 04:14
It is only right that I, The Now Wave, should be a disciple of the mighty Beardyman. The beatbox/looper/comedian/vocalist/entertainer/performer has a highly strung bow. Here's a digest of my favourite Beardyman vids

Camp Bestival - straight up dred-bass tent rock

Doing a thing - a nice free jam... loose and wandering

Headspace - cool collaboration with Reggie Watts for Channel 4

Clouds - the dark (or at least lesser seen) side of the beard

Seattle mobile bike ravers...

Thursday, 1 October 2009  at 14:11

After a show in Seattle, Splatinum showed up with their mobile bike rave station, so off we went... and look who showed up.

Edit: Here's the original track, courtesy of the Splatinum dudes :)