Tim Exile - the finger A/V EP & FX soft

Sunday, 13 September 2009  at 06:38

The Finger is not so much a release as an explosion. It's a 4-track live EP with videos of the tracks being performed and it's a playable live effects software for producers, performers or anyone else who wants to get their dutty hands on the sound.

Tim Exile has straddled the producer, songwriter, performer and inventor/programmer roles for years. The Finger is a mission statement of how things are gonna be in future... bringing this all together to open up the future of instruments and performance and connect with the now wave.


All 4 tracks are taken from live performances by Tim, using his own live setup and The Finger software. Some of the tracks have been remixed & rearranged in the studio. Tim writes songs or tracks on his instrument as performances where every single sound is performed, not just played back... like songwriters write songs on a guitar. The performance, the vibe, the action, comes first... the recording comes later.



The Finger is brought to you with Native Instruments, the music technology company whose motto is aptly 'The Future Of Sound'. You can get it here.

Watch this vid of Tim explaining it.

Tim Exile photo courtesy of Josh MG.


The Now Wave said...
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disuye said...

Good work fella - loving the tracks and.. uh.. grabbing your finger c/o NI.

c3400 said...

psyched for this ensemble plan on purchasing it and using it in my live show next month:)

tj milian said...

thanks for giving us the finger.

Anonymous said...


R. said...

From the curiosity of a prospective buyer, how might The Finger compare to SB's Artillery 2? The reason being that I won't be getting into live performance anytime soon, yet I'd love to incorporate the functionality in my projects.

Dinaiz said...

Good work man ! Could you please also post a few tutorials, tips and tricks etc ... on how to use "The finger" at it's best ? That would be really cool !!!

Cheers man !

Inko and fam said...

yo!!! i got the finger , ableton 8 , kore player and wat the hell do i do now to get this thing poppin'??
please if u can give me a hand

Koddy said...

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LauraStarBene said...

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Chrisson said...

Argh... I really wanted 2 download this... but it seems it has reached it's download limit. Can you re-up it to zippyshare or mediafire?

Thanks in advance

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